Monday, March 10, 2014

Playgroup for Zikri!

Assalamualaikum readers...


Yesss..kali ni nk share on our experience attending playgroup trial session with Genius Baby On Board (GBOB). Actually last week sy beli trial package ni during Mother n Baby Expo kat KLCC. Murah jgk, for two sessions RM 75, instead of RM 100. Saja beli sbb Zikri tak pernah attend nursery, kindergarten or playachool. So this is my initiative to expose Zikri how to socialise with other kids. And Alhamdulillah it turned out well. Ha kat mana GBOB ni? Dia ada buka a few dekat Klang Valley n satu dekat Johor. At Klang Valley, lokasinya adalah dekat Puchong, Shah Alam n Bandar Kelang. We attended yg dekat Shah Alam, Seksyen 23.  

Utk trial ni, sy enroll Zikri utk Runner Class. Class ni utk toddler starting from 18 mons - 4 years. All together dia ada 4 classes for different age. Tp kat Shah Alam ni quite new n class yg ada pun 2 je, one for Walker (12 mons - 18 mons) and one for Runner. Nnt kalau dia dah set up class for Crawler (6 - 12 mons) boleh la try utk Zarif plak. (",)

Masa activity playgroup ni parents kena join sekali. So mmg bagus lah sbb parent pun dpt spend quality time with their kids. Masa tu kt boleh monitor anak kt punya development mcm mana. Apa yg lebih n kurang dekat anak kt. Alhamdulillah ada chance utk bt benda2 ni (belek n monitor kelebihan n area of improvement anak kt) walaupun busy bekerja n buat bisnes. Hopefully, later boleh resign n focus on kids n bisnes. Aminnn.. (",) guess what?? Alhamdulillah Zikri dah boleh recite Al - Fatihah tp kena improve sikit lg. (",)

Ha playgroup dekat Shah Alam ni, environment nya conducive, clean and spacious. Ada changing area, praying area, breastfeeding area n etc. Mmg best! Dr segi aktiviti nya pula mmg main je. Tapi main benda yg boleh develop gross n motor skill, analytical thinking skill, reading (they use phonic), and other activity yg boleh develop right n left brain. Tanya dekat Zikri best ke tak n dia jawab seronok sgt ibu. Nanti kt pergi lagi yer. Hehe.. So parents should try send your kids to GBOB! Nice place tau. You can check out more at their website 

Below are the photos during the playgroup session. 

Muka happy nak pergi playgroup! Hehe

Activity - wrap me! Heh..

Teacher taught kids to say Masha Allah when see something nice n preety! 

Apron time. Activity ni is to test kids sense reaction

               Ibu n Zikri play together

                          Art activity 

Zikri with his first masterpiece! Hihi... 

Bubble time!! Abah n Zarif watching from outside. (",)

Before go back, salam n hug teacher. 

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