Thursday, April 2, 2015



How are you? Hopefully u are strong n tough as usual! (",) I know u will! How long have we been together? Aha....since I was 18 years old and now I am almost 32!!! 14 years together! Phewww..lama kan? Since then, we always have this love hate relationship rite? Heh.. I guess it is normal (",)

Regardless of that, I am very thankful and grateful to be given an opportunity to be one of PETRONAS scholars! Proud of that! Some of us might say (I did say this too) 'We have signed an agreement with a devil!' Haha.. This might be true u know. Hehe.. But for is like blessing in disguise. Thank u so much..without ur scholarship, I might not be able to get my degree from UTP and had my best moment with my friends there! Thank u! 

After graduated.. I have waited for almost 5 months to get an employment from u, PETRONAS. I still remember my structured interview with the panel. Haha.. Love the session! Case study and role play! After 5 months, I got a phone call from one of the bosses in PETRONAS Kerteh Refinery. Another interview through phone. Rasa macam poyo je, because I answered YES for every single questions he asked me, including to stay in Kerteh minimum for 5 years!!! Gila! Hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. I got your offer letter as an Electrical Engineer for Maintenance Department. Thank u so much! It was a great experience for me as one of the front liner team for Refinery Plant. A lot of things I learned, including how to process crude, how to take care plant equipment, how to do troubleshooting and even how to work with man!! I was the only rose among the thorns in maintenance department! Hehe.. Plant experience really help me in technical knowledge and also soft skill. It was a challenge to handle experienced technicians and chargemen when u are just a newbies and also a lady! Thank u for the priceless moment! (",) Apart from that, I am also blessed with my true friendship in Kerteh! Eizza and Shahrin!! There are awesome bosum! But, I won't elaborate further, whatever happens in Kerteh, stays in Kerteh! Hehe.. 

After almost 4 years and half, consitently wrote in my career aspiration " To venture myself in upstream business, especially in design for electrical system..bla..bla..bla.." I was transfered to upstream business, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) Heh.. Alhamdulillah rezeki anak org ckp, since I was pregnant at that point of time. Heh.. Rezeki in PCSB mmg alhamdulillah sgt. A lot of things I gained. Good rating, opportunity to travel domestic & international n working in PETRONAS Twin Towers! Hehe.. Hari2 pun boleh lalu skybridge for free kan! Heh.. Terima kasih lagi sekali. 

I had a GREAT TIME with u PETRONAS! I truly did! Alhamdulillah. As time goes by, our priority change rite? Same goes to u n myself. Now, as a mother of 2 beautiful boys, they are my first priority. (",) I want to spend more time to develop and nurture them the best I could. It is not that I don't love u anymore, but, I love them more than anything else, though, without fail, you bank in handsome paycheque every month in my account! (Mak rasa bangga n terharu tgk slip gaji. Hehe..) and officially on 1 April of 2015, I sent out my notice of resignation to your personnel in HRM. I never thought it is going to be a very mixed feeling moment for me. I thought I am SUPER GLAD to leave you after years of our love hate relationship, and surprisingly it is actually NOT. (",) However, I have made my choice and hopefully it is the best for both of us. (",) 

PETRONAS, the past 14 years have been very rewarding for me as a person and my career. I sincerely extend my deepest heartfelt thanks for all the opportunities given to me over the years of my employment with you. (",) I have enjoyed working for you, and appreciate all the supports during my tenure with you. 

I wish u all the best PETRONAS. Again, thank you. (",) 

Yours sincerely, 
Nadia (One of PETRONAS born and breed, and I am proud of it) 

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