Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Get Your Size Right

There are only 4 areas for you to measure in order to determine your Premium Beautiful corset size. All should be measured precisely in centimetre (cm). See images below for your guide. 

You need to measure:

(1) Bust , (2) Underbust, (3) Waist, (4) Hips

(1) Bust

Take your bust measurement at the tip of your breast (as shown in the image)

Ukur betul-betul diatas puncak dada (seperti gambar)

(2) Under-bust 

Take your under-bust measurement right below your breast (as shown in the image)

Ambil ukuran untuk bawah dada (seperti gambar)

(3) Waist

For waist measurement, make sure the waist height is parallel to your elbow (as shown in the image)

 Untuk measurement yang tepat, ukuran pinggang haruslah selari dengan lekuk siku anda (seperti gambar)

4) Hips

Measure your hips and ensure the measuring tape is on the highest point of your buttocks (as shown in the image)

Ukuran untuk pinggul mestilah di ambil pada bahagian puncak pinggul (seperti gambar)

After done measuring all 4 areas above, inform your certified Premium Beautiful consultant or agent and she will determine the right size for you.


Any inaccurate measurement will lead you to uncomfortable of corset wearing and later, will affect your intended result.

With a correct size and advise from the certified consultant, you will get the best result and comfort while wearing it. 

If you still not so sure how to do the measurement, please contact me through Whatsapp / SMS / Email directly to:-

Nadia (+60175279717)

We also provide FREE TRIAL for those in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Feel free to contact us for FREE TRIAL. 

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